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About Us

Whether you need a reliable domestic cleaner, or are looking for a thorough workplace cleanse, here at “Jenny’s Maid Services” we have the service to suit your needs.

Our highly-efficient team cover Viriginia, Maryland, Washington DC and surrounding areas, delivering complete cleaning at competitive rates.

Customer satisfaction matters greatly to us, and that’s why we co-ordinate or cleaning times and services to suit you. Tailoring what we do to suit your budget, timescale and aspirations, as closely as possible, is important to us.

Here at “Jenny’s Maid Services” we have an established network of satisfied clients who regularly return to using our services. We cleaning every aspect of your home; from the kitchen to the bathroom. You can expect a revitalised feel and a thorough job – as we take great care to achieve a result in your home you are happy with.

Our Services

Creating Free Time for Busy People

If you’d like to hire our maid service, we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate, and we’ll develop a customized cleaning plan based on your needs.

With our services, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sleeping and Living Areas

  • All furniture detailed dusted
  • Light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork dusted
  • Picture frames and knickknacks dusted
  • Window sills hand wiped
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Stairs vacuumed
  • Tile floors vacuumed and damp mopped
  • Linens straightened
  • Patio doors cleaned
  • Wood floors microfiber mopped with *Bona

Kitchen and Laundry Areas

  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Small kitchen appliances cleaned
  • Microwave inside and out cleaned
  • Stove top and exterior cleaned
  • Refrigerator top and exterior cleaned
  • Dishwasher exterior cleaned
  • Sink and faucet cleaned and sanitized
  • Floors vacuumed and damp mopped
  • Washer and dryer exteriors cleaned
  • Window sills hand wiped
  • Trash removed
  • General dusting


  • Bathtubs, showers and tile walls cleaned and sanitized
  • Vanity and sink cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilets thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned
  • Towels straightened
  • Floors vacuumed and damp mopped
  • Window sills hand wiped
  • Trash removed
  • General dusting

Carpet Cleaning

  • When we clean your carpet we use our proprietary hot-water extraction process to achieve the best results possible.
  • We extract dirt, stains and allergens from your carpet.
  • Powerful carpet cleaning equipment extracts virtually all water used in our cleaning process. This leaves your carpet fibers with minimal moisture, giving you fresh, clean carpet that dries quickly in a few hours.

Extra Services available

  • The following services may be available with prior advance notice and at additional charge. These items are not considered every-time cleaning tasks.
  • Wash windows inside and outside
  • Damp wipe baseboards
  • Damp wipe blinds and shutters
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Empty, wipe and replace items inside the cabinets and pantry
  • Removes shoes, etc., from closets, vacuum and replace
  • Vacuum drapes
  • Remove ashes from fireplace
  • Clean inside oven
  • Remove books from bookshelves and clean shelves
  • Clean inside the refrigerator

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to make your life easier!

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